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CAFI and the DRC Forest Sector : 29 FAQs, updated

The 29, updated FAQs below seek to provide context and facts about what impacts the loss or degradation of DRC forests, the FONAREDD Sustainable Forest Management programme, and governance of the DRC forest sector. 

To elaborate them, we have reviewed numerous evidence-based and peer-reviewed publications. We are however aware that new data is continuously uncovered. We strive to update these FAQs with the latest scientific evidence, and highly welcome new or overlooked fact-based information to continue furthering and deepening this discussion. Please do not hesitate to contact us at secretariat.cafi@gmail.com with such information. 

Evidence-based data about DRC forests, their usage and their contribution to climate change

1. What are the greenhouse gas emissions of DRC?

2. What is the trend in deforestation in DRC?

3. What contributes most to deforestation and forest degradation in DRC?

4. Is logging a main driver of deforestation in DRC?

5. What is wood used for in DRC? 

6. What is the link between the loss of intact forest landscapes and logging concessions ?

7. How much timber is extracted in DRC, and how?

8. What is the timber production of logging concessions in DRC?

9. What is artisanal logging, and how much does it contribute to deforest DRC?

10. In terms of volume of timber, how do artisanal and loggers and logging concessions compare?

11. How is the area under logging concessions in DRC expected to evolve?

12. Who buys congolese wood ? 

13. What is the contribution of logging to the national economy or to poverty alleviation?

The programme on Sustainable Forest Management 

14. What is the status of the programme on Sustainable Forest Management, proposed by the French Development Agency, in DRC?

15. What are the objectives of this programme?

16. What are the key activities of the AFD proposal to achieve these objectives? 

17. Does the SFM program plan to multiply by three the area of industrial concessions, and by 15 the volume of extracted wood?

18. A map has been widely circulated online – what does it show?

19. What are the expected emissions from the alleged multiplication of the area under logging concessions ?

20. Will more than a million hectares of forest growing on peat swamps be "given over to loggers"?

21. What are the views of the Congolese civil society on the Sustainable Forest Management program?

22. Which NGOS are behind the online petition against the programme? Who is signing it?

DRC Forest Governance

23. Governments and NGOS seem to talk about different types of illegalities in the forest sector, in breach of the moratorium – what are they?

24. Is the DRC government doing anything concrete to improve forest governance and stop illegalities?

25. 29 of Congo’s 57 known logging concessions – covering at least 5 million hectares – currently fail the requirement of submitting a management plan within 5 years of signing the contract. Yet they have not been cancelled by the Congolese authorities- Why?

26. What is CAFI's view regarding the 5 million hectares of illegal concessions to remain in existence until the end of 2018?

27. How successful has the 2002 moratorium been?

28. Is logging part of REDD+? Should REDD+ support logging activities?

29. Will CAFI support logging companies?


See also our background note "Complex and nuanced: DRC Forestry and Forest Loss in Context" and our general pages about DRC.