CAFI hosts roundtable with International NGO’s – deforestation is not simple, it requires a holistic response

Posted on April 9, 2018 3:26:06 AM

In February, the Minister of Environment in DRC allocated logging concessions in breach of the 2002 moratorium. Subsequently, all CAFI funds were frozen and remain so, until their reversal. Importantly, CAFI remains in a dialogue with the DRC REDD+ Fund (FONAREDD) and the DRC Government, with a view to jointly address the many challenges leading to forest loss.

On Tuesday, April 10, CAFI will welcome participants from a range of INGOs (inc. WRI, WWF, FERN, CIRAD and CIFOR) to Geneva. The objective? To discuss and deconstruct the complexity of deforestation in the region and DRC in particular. While there is general agreement on the drivers of deforestation - primarily agriculture, wood energy, forestry, mining and oil, infrastructure, land use planning, land tenure, demography, and governance - their relative impact is debated by some.  It's not simple and requires a holistic response.  

Logging concessions, for example, have been pointed as major culprits. But in fact, 96% of the total volume of wood harvested in DRC is for fuelwood, the rest is for timber. Of this remaining 4%, only about 10% is harvested by logging concessions - the lowest timber harvest volumes amongst Central African countries.  One underlying - but less talked about issue? Population growth. 

CAFI champions the belief that the prevention of forest loss demands a holistic approach - that all major drivers of deforestation must be addressed. This is imperative in the DRC, given the complicated development challenges faced. It’s vital that we advocate for interventions that can ensure economic development alongside the preservation of the Central African Forest.

What is the science-based evidence? What consensus can be reached? Can CAFI convince others that the fight against climate change must include DRC and Central African forests?   CAFI considers these upcoming discussions as an important step toward a more collaborative and cooperative approach to forest preservation.  

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