CAFI and DRC forest sector: the facts and our position

In recent months, a number of international NGOs, including Rainforest Foundation UK, have made open calls to CAFI and its donors regarding a proposed programme on sustainable management of forests in the DRC. This programme was developed in response to a public call for proposals by the DRC National REDD+ Fund, posted here last November. 

CAFI strongly believes that dialogue with international NGOs is necessary, and welcomes constructive inputs. The challenges in DRC and in the Central Africa region as a whole are too complex for one initiative or donor to deal with alone. 

However, some of the information that has circulated has been misleading. 

A statement, "Rainforest Foundation UK misleads the public about the international community's efforts to preserve Congo's forests", was posted on the web site of the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, CAFI's main donor, on 13 July 2017.  

In an effort to further ground the dialogue in evidence and facts, a background note, "Complex and nuanced : DRC forestry and forest loss in context" was developed. In addition, detailed Frequently Asked Questions are posted and updated regularly.    

We invite all interested stakeholders to consult these documents and reach out to CAFI via its Secretariat at