CAFI Executive Board meetings and decisions


Since September 2015, the CAFI Executive Board has held eleven meetings. The next meeting of the CAFI Executive Board will be held on 3-4 April in Bonn, Germany.  

Agendas and decisions are posted below. Decisions specific to a particular country are also found on its respective country page.



Location Key documents
Intersessional decisions Partnership with the Republic of Congo
Meeting 11 29-30 November 2018 Brussels, Belgium  

EB 11 Agenda

EB 11 decisions :

Intersessional decisions
Meeting 10 25-26 June 2018 Oslo, Norway

EB 10 Agenda

EB10 decisions: Monitoring, evaluation, reporting and verification, Republic of Congo National Investment Framework, Cameroon National Investment Framework, DRC Programmes, Equatorial Guinea National Investment Framework

Intersessional decisions  
Meeting 9 7 March 2018 Bonn, Germany

EB 9 Agenda

EB9 decisions : DRC Technical Commission on Geographical Programming, Partnership between the Republic of Congo and CAFI, Approval of Gabon programs, Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, No cost extension of Cameroon preparatory grant  

Meeting 8   10 October 2017 Paris, France

EB 8 Agenda

EB8 decisions : National Investment Framework of Republic of Congo, Disbursement of 2nd sub-tranche to DRC, Fiduciary measures - UN Habitat, Gabon R-PP and programmes, CAR preparatory grant implementation, Cameroun preparatory grant implementation, Monitoring of country programmes

Intersessional decisions
Meeting 7 27 June 2017 Paris, France

EB7 Agenda

EB7 decisions: Annual report, Budget, Letter of Intent with Gabon, Monitoring and verification of DRC LOI milestones, Follow-up on DRC Decision EB.2017.02 (see related Information note)   

Intersessional decisions 
Meeting 6 27-28 April 2017 Paris, France

EB 6 Agenda

EB6 decisions: Gabon National Investment Framework ; No-cost extensions for RoC, Cameroon and CAR ; M&E ; Next meetings ; Chairing the EB

Intersessional decisions
Meeting 5 12 October 2016 Geneva, Switzerland

EB 5 Agenda

EB5 decisions : DRC programs batch 1, Special fiduciary procedures of implementing agencies

Intersessional decisions
Meeting 4 16-17 June 2016 Oslo, Norway

EB 4 Agenda

EB4 decisions : Amendment to EB rules of procedure, M&E framework, Annual report, Funding framework, INGO letter, Scheduling, Equatorial Guinea preparatory grant, Cameroon preparatory grant (2)  

Meeting 3 21-22 April 2016 Geneva, Switzerland  

EB 3 Agenda

EB3 decisions : ToRs, Rules of procedures and M&E, Parallel funding, DRC funding allocation, Annual Forum, Observers, Planning, Cameroon preparatory grant   

Meeting 2 7 December 2015 Paris, France

EB 2 Agenda

EB2 Decisions : Country allocations, Letters of intent , DRC, R.Congo preparatory grant, CAR preparatory grant

Meeting 1 26 October 2015 Geneva, Switzerland

EB 1 Agenda

EB1 Decisions : Executive Board Rules and procedures, NIF review process, Terms of reference of the CAFI Secretariat, Interim budget, Preparatory grants for R. Congo and Central African Republic