CAFI Executive Board meetings and decisions



Since September 2015, the CAFI Executive Board has held five meetings. Agendas and decisions are posted below.  




Location Key documents


Intersessional decisions

Executive Board Meeting 5 12 October 2016 Geneva, Switzerland

EB 5 Agenda

EB 5 decisions : DRC programs batch 1, Special fiduciary procedures of implementing agencies


Intersessional decision:

Executive Board Meeting 4 16-17 June 2016 Oslo, Norway

EB 4 Agenda

EB 4 decisions : Amendment to EB rules of procedure, M&E framework, Annual report, Funding framework, INGO letter, Scheduling, Equatorial Guinea preparatory grant, Cameroon preparatory grant (2)  

Executive Board Meeting 3 21-22 April 2016 Geneva, Switzerland  

EB 3 Agenda

EB 3 decisions : ToRs, Rules of procedures and M&E, Parallel funding, DRC funding allocation, Annual Forum, Observers, Planning, Cameroon preparatory grant   

Executive Board Meeting 2 7 December 2015 Paris, France

EB 2 Agenda

EB 2 Decisions : Country allocations (FR), Letters of intent (FR), DRC (FR), R.Congo preparatory grant (FR), CAR preparatory grant (ENG / FR)

Executive Board Meeting 1 26 October 2015 Geneva, Switzerland

EB 1 Agenda

EB 1 Decisions : Executive Board Rules and procedures, NIF review process, Terms of reference of the CAFI Secretariat, Interim budget, Preparatory grants for R. Congo and Central African Republic


The date of the next Executive Board meeting will be posted here soon, and the preliminary agenda posted 10 working days in advance.