Background documents for CAFI EB 11

This page features the background documents and draft decisions for the 11th CAFI Executive Board meeting (Bruxelles 29-30 November 2017).

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This page contains the same information as in the CAFI EB11 Dropbox, which some EB members cannot access.  


All EB 11 adopted decisions

Session 0 : Arrival and approval of agenda

Session 1 : CBFP recap

Session 2 : Intersessional decisions

Sessions 3 and 8 : Country and internal sessions - DRC

Sessions 4 and 5 : Internal and country sessions - Gabon

Sessions 6 and 7: Internal and country sessions- Cameroon

Sessions 9 and 10 : Internal and country sessions - Republic of Congo

Session 11 : Programming procedures

Session 12 : M&E and risk management

Session 13 : New partnership opportunity with China  

Session 14 : Internal discussion on Equatorial Guinea

Session 15 : Internal session on Central African Republic

Session 16 : Dialogue with NGOs

Session 17 : Next meetings ( EB and Annual forum)

Session 18 : Wrap up and finalization of all decisions