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Programmes approved by the National REDD+ Fund

last updated : 8 July 2019

To date the Steering Committee of the National REDD+ Fund has approved fifteen programmes, together totalling over US$ 130 millions in approved funding since the capitalisation of the National REDD+ Fund by CAFI.  

Of these, US$ 107 millions (not counting parallel contribution) are part of a first, unconditional tranche while the remainder is conditionned to programme performance and the evaluation of the milestones of the Letter of Intent. The independent verification of these milestones is taking place from May to October 2019

These programmes support the launch of key needed reforms on agriculture, land-use planning and related national land use scheme, energy, family planning and a tenure policy to better secure tenure in the rural sector.

Approved programmes will also enhance existing actions at the provincial and territorial level in high deforestation REDD+ areas (Mai Ndombé, ex-Orientale, Sud Ubangui, Equateur, Kwilu and Mongala) where local communities and territorial entities will be supported to sustainably manage and use resources.

Two programmes target civil society and indigenous peoples, and a cross-cutting programme will help the country finalize its national forest monitoring system.  

These programmes, supported by the World Bank, UNDP, FAO and UN-Habitat were appproved following formal calls for proposals, two independent evaluations, and technical reviews by the Technical Comittee.  

Details of these programmes are found below :

  Programme Expected results Amount (US$)
Implementing organization

Maï - Ndombé Integrated programme

Programme document (French)




  • Living conditions and incomes improved by 20%, especially those of farmers, while ensuring the sustainable management of resources and land
  • Sustainable rural development promoted by increasing agricultural productivity through improved practices, developing perennial crops and strengthening local governance around a holistic vision centered on land use planning and
  • Deforestation and forest degradation stabilized in the former Maï-Ndombé District

30 millions (in two tranches : 20 + 10)

More financial information

More programming information (FONAREDD web page)

World Bank

Finalization and operationalization of the National Forest Monitoring System

Programme document (French)

  • Monitoring of the changes in forest cover
  • Proactive monitoring of major deforestation events
  • Meet UNFCCC criteria to allow access to results-based payments related to reduction in deforestation

10 millions (in two tranches : 9 + 1)

More financial information

More programming information (FONAREDD web page)


Support to Civil society

Programme document (French)



  • GTCR-R fully fonctional (national coordination and governance and oversight bodies)
  • Organisation expanded and new partnerships sought
  • Active provincial and territorial coordination, especially for REDD+ intervention areas
  • Training programmes implemented

Initial allocation: 2 millions (single tranche)

Addendum 2018: 1 million

More financial information

More programming information (FONAREDD web page)


Sustainable management of forests by Indigenous Peoples (Pygmees)

Programme document (French)

Develop national capacity to :

  • Identify models of sustainable natural ressource management by Indigenous peoples
  • Experiment these models in order to disseminate them more widely


2 millions (single tranche)

More financial information

More programming information (FONAREDD web page)

World Bank

Integrated REDD+ programme for the provinces of Tshopo, Ituri et Bas Uele (Oriental)

Programme document (French)

Presentation (French)

  • Natural resource governance is improved in target areas
  • Impact on forests of of economic activities and demographic dynamics is reduced in target areas

33 millions (in two tranches : 20 + 13)

More programming information (FONAREDD web page)  


Integrated REDD+ programme for the province of Sud Ubangi

Programme document (French)

Presentation (French)

  • Management capacity strengthened
  • Support agricultural development that respects management plans and promote sustainable crops
  • Strengthen technical capacities of decentralized authorities

7 millions (in two tranches : 4 + 3)  

More programming information (FONAREDD web page)

World Bank

Support to land use planning reform

  • Land use planning policy developped and regulatory and legal framework strengthened to coordinate sectoral and territorial policies resolve land conflicts and promote a balanced land use development
  • Strengthen capacity for dialogue and negotiations of stakeholders, primarily MATUH, CONARAT and their regional units as well as territorial entities
  • Ensure that social and environmental safeguards are taken into account in land use planning

Initial allocation: 7 millions (in two tranches : 5 + 2)

Addendum 2018: 4 millions (in two tranches : 2+2)

More programming information (FONAREDD web page)



Support to tenure reform

  • Strengthen CONAREF to prepare and implement tenure reform
  • Support communities to elaborate methodological guidance to strengthen cadastres, and captalize on lessons learned in pilots (conflict resolution and harmonization of secure tenure) to feed into the tenure policy document
  • Tenure policy document and asociated legal text elaborated in a participative manner

Initial allocation : 8 millions (in two tranches : 3 + 4)  

Addendum 2018 : 4 millions (in two tranches : 2+2)

More programming information (FONAREDD web page)



Integrated programme for Kwilu  

Programme document (French)


4 millions (in two tranches : 3.2 + 0.8)

More programming information (FONAREDD web page)


Integrated Programme for Equateur province

Programme document (in French)


CAFI funding : 6.16 millions (in two tranches : 4.4 + 1.76)

Co-financing from Sweden: 3.84 millions

More programming information (FONAREDD web page)

Sustainable Management of Agriculture    

3 millions (in one tranche)

More programming information (FONAREDD web page)


Sustainable use and substitution to wood energy

Programme document (French)



15 millions (in two tranches : 9 + 6)  

More programming information (FONAREDD web page)

UNDP and UNCDF (United Nations Capital Development Fund)

Integrated programme for Mongala province

Programme Document (French)

  7 millions (in two tranches : 4 + 3) ENABEL (Belgian Development Agency)

Scaling up family planning 

Programme Document (French)


33 millions :

- CAFI funding : 8 millions in two tranches (5 + 3)

- Norway : 25 millions


Savannahs and degraded forests

Programme Document (French)

  15 millions (in two tranches : 8 + 7 ) AFD