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DRC National REDD+ Fund launches website

Posted on August 30, 2017 10:05:00 AM

All you need to know about this new website. Bookmark it today!

What can I find on this new FONAREDD website?

This website seeks to offer comprehensive and updated information such as :

Another unique feature is the ability to exchange information on specific FONAREDD- approved programmes, and to lodge complaints

How does this site relate to the DRC pages on the CAFI web site?

CAFI will continue to post summarized information about the DRC FONAREDD programmes, decisions, news and analyses, in both English and French, on its dedicated DRC pages. In addition, the CAFI website will feature links to relevant sections of the FONAREDD website for smooth navigation towards additional details.  

Why is the FONAREDD web site only in French?

That's because the target audience for the FONAREDD website is national stakeholders. Summary information in English will continue to be available on the CAFI web site here.

Why are some sections still empty?

It takes a while to document all institutional knowledge that the DRC has gathered over the last years. Please be patient, bookmark the FONAREDD web site in your favorites, and visit it often!

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