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DRCongo : US$ 44 million approved

Posted on October 20, 2016 3:55:00 PM

DRC FONAREDD Steering Committee approves first 4 REDD+ programs

Following a call for proposals in June 2016 (AMI), the FONAREDD received 17 proposals from six agencies. These were examined by the FONAREDD Technical Committee during two sessions, with the support of an independent review by 18 national and international experts.

The FONAREDD Steering Committee, during its meeting of 20 October, agreed to 44 million US$ funding towards four programmes:


AMI   Programme Expected results Amount (US$)
Implementing organization

Maï - Ndombé Integrated programme

Download the programme document (French)



  • Living conditions and incomes improved by 20%, especially those of farmers, while ensuring the sustainable management of resources and land ;
  • Sustainable rural development promoted by increasing agricultural productivity through improved practices, developing perennial crops and strengthening local governance around a holistic vision centered on land use planning and
  • Deforestation and forest degradation stabilized in the former Maï-Ndombé District

30 millions (in two tranches : 20 +10)

More financial information

World Bank

Finalization and operationalization of the National Forest Monitoring System

Download the programme document (French)



  • Monitoring of the changes in forest cover
  • Proactive monitoring of major deforestation events
  • Meet UNFCCC criteria to allow access to results-based payments related to reduction in deforestation

10 millions (in two tranches : 6 + 4)  

More financial information


Support to Civil society

Download the programme document (French)



  • GTCR-R fully fonctional (national coordination and governance and oversight bodies)
  • Organisation expanded and new partnerships sought
  • Active provincial and territorial coordination, especially for REDD+ intervention areas
  • Training programmes implemented 

2 millions

More financial information


Sustainable management of forests by Indigenous Peoples (Pygmees)

Download the programme document (French)



Develop national capacity to :

  • Identify models of sustainable natural ressource management by Indigenous peoples
  • Experiment these models in order to disseminate them more widely


2 millions

More financial information

World Bank

A second round of evaluation and potential approval is planned before end 2016.

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