Managing risks in DRCongo

Posted on January 18, 2017 9:54:00 AM

A multi stakeholder workshop details risks potentially posed or incurred by FONAREDD-funded programmes


The Letter of Intent between the Government of DRC and CAFI comprises a intermediary milestone on risk analysis, under Objectif 8 (governance), that requires the country to :  


"(e) Fully develop, by the end of 2016, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, a detailed risk analysis, with specific and effective mitigation measures aiming to ensure transparency, accountability and good governance in fiduciary management, including in the implementation of the investment portfolio of the national REDD+ Framework Strategy and the REDD+ Investment Plan."


To meet this milestone, a risk analysis and management matrix was elaborated during a workshop covening civil society (national and international), Ministry representatives and donors.  


All projects funded by the DRC REDD+ National Fund are part of the general framework established by the National REDD+ Coordination with regards to and socio-environmental safeguards and standards, and will need to respect the DRC REDD+ standards, conduct impact studies  and plan the adequate mitigation response. These studies include an identification of risks and mitigation measures, but will be focused on managing social and environmental impacts. Without excluding them, the matrix below (in French) is more focused on risks of failure caused by insecurity, fraud, conflicts of interest, bad faith etc.


This matrix will be presented for validation to the Steering Committee during its next meeting.




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