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Two job openings at the DRC National REDD+ Fund Executive Secretariat  


CAFI's partners at the DRC's National REDD+ Fund (FONAREDD) are seeking two candidates to support the management of the existing portfolio, the monitoring of the performance of programmes and projects, the programming of future FONAREDD interventions and the design of new programmes, mechanisms and approaches. 

The first position (Programming Advisor) is under recruitment by the Ministry of Finance and open to candidates with a good knowledge of the DRC, REDD+ and a solid experience in programming. The candidate should have a vision and the ability to suggest robust, outside the box and multi-sectorial interventions. The Programming Advisor will help position the DRC as a model country that can achieve prosperity without compromising its forest capital.

The job advertisement is accessible via this link. 

The second position (Portfolio Manager) aims to ensure that the FONAREDD follows rigorous processes, monitors the performance of executing agencies and identifies innovative solutions and proposals to improve the Fund's performance. Applications are to be made directly here