Implementing organisations

ET Forest Sector


The CAFI Fund has different types of implementation modalities : UN Organisations, the World Bank, International Cooperation Agencies and international non-governmental organisations. The Implementing organisations that have thus far signed an agreement with CAFI - which means the ones that CAFI partner countries can select to support the development or implementation of their National Investment Frameworks - currently are:

Our Portfolio page details programmes implemented by each organisation. 

Implementing organization carries out their activities in accordance with their own regulations, rules, and procedures. In doing this, they are expected to demonstrate framework consistency with the safeguards described in Annex 4 of the CAFI Fund Terms of Reference.

In addition, implementing organisations have pledged to display a high level of awareness in regards to the fraud, corruption, sexual harassment and all other risks identified in the Risk Management Strategy adopted by the CAFI Executive Board. Implementing organizations are expected to be proactive in reporting those risks to the Board and in mitigating them.