Our Results

Diaporama CAFI - 2018 en bref

CAFI was launched at the end of 2015. What have we achieved ? The CAFI Declaration, the CAFI Theory of Change and Letters of Intent (DRC and Gabon) spell out donors and partner countries' respective commitments. How have we delivered on these ?

The CAFI Declaration sets out crucial commitments:

  • Donors commitments to ensure better coordination and harmonisation and to mobilise resources : since the creation of CAFI in 2015
    • new donors have joined the table (South Korea and the Netherlands)
    • France has joined Norway as contributor to the CAFI Fund.
    • In DRC, FONAREDD programs funded by CAFI often build on existing bilateral or multilateral initiatives, and have mobilized co-financing from Sweden.
  • Central Africa countries commitments to National Investment Frameworks (NIFs) that drive national reforms and carry out multi-sectorial programs to  to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and contribute to sustainable development : three years into the Initiative,
    •  DRC and Gabon are currently implementing their NIF through multi-sectoral programmes following the signature of Letters of Intents.
    • The Republic of Congo has finalized its NIF and entered negotiations with CAFI on a Letter of Intent
    • Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon are expected to discuss their finalized NIF with the CAFI Executive Board in 2019.