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One of the primary purposes of CAFI is to scale up finance for Central African forests and peoples. Attracting donors to the CAFI Fund is allowing a better coordination to support partner countries. 




With the signature of 3 Letters of Intent to date (DRC, Gabon and the Republic of Congo), CAFI is channeling funding to countries that raise ambitions to preserve their forests while reducing poverty. Letters of Intent, based on National Investment Frameworks, set out countries' commitments to achieve their climate and forests objectives. 


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CAFI partner countries develop and implement National Investment Frameworks (NIFs) to drive national reforms and carry out multi-sectorial programs to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and contribute to sustainable development. DRC, Gabon and the Republic of Congo have each finalized their NIFs, that served as basis for the Letters of Intent signed with CAFI.

Thanks to CAFI funding and through its National REDD+ Fund, DRC is implementing 16 approved programmes, covering 7 sectors, at the reform level and across 8 provinces. Gabon is implementing one programme and has 4 more in its pipeline. Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic and Cameroon benefit from preparatory grants to finalize National strategies and NIF.

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CAFI is contributing to ensuring that Central African forests are increasingly featured into the global climate agenda. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministries of Finance or Planning, in Central African and donor countries, have publicly committed to making these forests central to their climate and development actions. 


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