Partner Countries

Six high-forest cover countries of the Congo Basin are CAFI partners

Seeking transformational change


Central Africa is home to the second largest tropical rainforest in the world. This forest provides precious services to the people living in and around it and to the economies of the countries of the region. As a major carbon sink it is also an unparalleled asset in the global fight against climate change. It has been mostly spared from loss so far but is under increasing pressure.

The region faces major challenges such as poverty, inequality, food insecurity and poor business climate. Weaknesses in governance, institutions and infrastructure make it difficult to successfully address these challenges.  

Several countries in the Central African region seek to become emerging economies in the coming decades. They are at a turning point and must decide whether the required growth will be achieved at the expense of forests and other natural resources. CAFI partner countries have made their choices and committed to pursuing a green low emission pathway.

Central African countries are supported in their efforts by a coalition of donors.


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