A Letter of Intent establishes a partnership with CAFI to implement the country's National Investment Framework 

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National Investment Framework

National Investment Framnework finalized in April 2017

Signature of a Letter of Intent (LOI) in June 2017 - 3 objectives, 35 milestones and 18 US$ millions

Programme to implement the NIF approved in March 2018

Programme document signed in July 2018

Activities to start in Q4 2018

Implementing organization French Development Agency  
Funding The LOI sets a contribution of US$ 18 millions, in two tranches.  

Context and progress


Gabon houses approximately 18% of the Congo- Ogooué Basin’s forest – with forests covering 88% of the country territory. For decades, Gabon’s economy has been driven by exports of oil resources. Though forestry exploitation has been an important component of the economy, the annual deforestation rate is only 0.05% (59,406 ha/year net, for 2010-2015). However, as oil prices decline, economic diversification to other sectors is an important component of Gabon’s development strategy.

This is expected to result in increased resource exploitation by extractive industries and the rapid expansion of agricultural intensification. Indeed, one of the central objectives of the Emerging Gabon development plan is to make Gabon self-sufficient in terms of foodstuff production and an exporter of cash crops.

On 27 June 2017 the Government of Gabon and CAFI signed a Letter of Intent to establish a partnership to implement the National Investment Framework of Gabon.

In March 2018, a programme, called " National land use planning and forest monitoring to promote sustainable development strategies for Gabon", developped with the support of the French Development Agency, was approved by the Executive Board. Its objective is to improve land use planning and monitoring of LULUCF in Gabon to reduce deforestation and forest degradation while enhancing development co-benefits.

The programme will help elaborate, adopt and implement a National Land Use Plan (French acronym : PNAT) and a National System for Monitoring Natural Resources and Forests (French acronym : SNORF). Activities will be implemented by the National Climate Council (CNC), the Sustainable Development Authority (ADD), the Gabonese Agency for Spatial Studies and Observations (AGEOS) and the National Parks Agency (ANPN).  

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