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Letter of Intent 

Signed on 3 september 2019. Click here for more info

CAFI preparatory grant to develop the National Investent Framework.

Concluded. Click here for more info

Grant to further develop the GCF proposal Ongoing. US$ 314,173, with FAO support. Click here for more info





The Republic of Congo holds nearly 22.5 million hectares of forests – 65% of its territory – and boasts one of the lowest deforestation rate in the Congo basin (0.06% - 211,410 ha/year net, for 2000-2014). However, over 0.5 million hectares of forests could disappear every year between 2015 and 2020 due to the development of agricultural projects, notably cocoa and palm oil, that could become a majour source of CO2 emissions from the land use sector (est. 12.7 millions tons of CO2/year for 2015-2020).


Emission Driver in Republic of Congo

A validated National REDD+ Strategy

REDD+ in the Republic of Congo is considered a “sustainable development tool” and a genuine “pillar of green economy”. Three strategic policy instruments anchor REDD+ in RoC beyond the forest sector:

  • the 2018-2022 National Development Plan
  • the Growth, Employment, and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
  • the National Sustainable Development Strategy

On the basis of consensus on drivers, a National REDD+ Strategy was validated in July 2016. The country’s commitment to reducing deforestation was further demonstrated by the development of an Emissions Reduction Program (ER-P) in the Sangha and Likouala Departments. Selected by the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility in July 2014, the ER-P should generate nearly 11.7 million tCO2 in emission reductions by 2021.

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Letter of Intent

3 September 2019


National Investment Framework of the Republic of Congo - version 7 (final)

June 2018


RCongo Validated National REDD+ Strategy

July 2016 (French)



CAFI Executive Board decisions related to R.Congo