CAFI grant for the Republic of Congo supported the development of its REDD+ National Investment Framework

To implement the National REDD+ Strategy, the CAFI Executive Board approved a preparatory grant of 698,000 US$ to support the Republic of Congo to develop a comprehensive REDD+ National Investment Framework (REDD+ NIF). The NIF was designed to centralize, channel and coordinate international, national, public and private funds to support the implementation of the National REDD+ Strategy. 

The NIF is now recognized as an overarching strategic document which sets the priority policies and measures to foster sustainable land use and natural resources management.

It displays ambitious objectives, such as 

  • a ban on forest conversion for agricultural activities above 5 hectares, taken by inter-ministerial decree
  • a commitent to protect peatlands
  • improvements on monitoring legality in the forest sector

For financial information about the CAFI preparatory grant, see the MPTF Gateway CAFI page, under "projects", or here


RCongo Preparatory Grant request

Final signed version