What we do

Why we do it

Central Africa is one of the few remaining regions in the world that absorb more carbon than they emit. Its forests also boast unique biodiversity hotspots. Yet the region faces major challenges such as poverty, inequality, food insecurity and poor business climate, compounded by weaknesses in governance, institutions and infrastructures. 

Several countries in the Central African region seek to become emerging economies in the coming decades. They are at a turning point and must decide whether their growth, necessary to improve the livelihoods of close to 100 million peoplewill be achieved at the expense of forests and other natural resources. CAFI support its partner countries in the difficult choices that are necessary when committing to pursue green, low emission development pathways. 

How forests contribute to joint climate and national development objectives is set out in ambitious national investment frameworks that decouple development from deforestation. Such socio-economic transformation touches on many sectors and will come from measures that address both direct and indirect drivers of deforestation and forest degradation.

How we do it

CAFI funds projects to deliver concrete results across all sectors affecting forests, to help partner countries pursue their climate, biodiversity and development goals. Click HERE for an overview of our portfolio.

What we obtain 

CAFI results range from support to the development and adoption of transformational sectorial policies, to better monitoring of forests and land use, to helping local communities on the ground to organize, measure, plan and manage their natural resources.

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